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CMS and payment gateways

Content Management System (CMS) in Payment Gateways

ontent Management Systems (CMS) exists solely to manage the working of payment gateways in that they control, store, revise and publish data in payment systems to make their operations possible. It can be reached through a secure system when you log in or resister (for a new member) and act as the admin for payment systems. For registered members, it is capable of integrating payment gateways so that you can gain access to your payment processor and transact your business.

Many payment gateways use CMSs to integrate their systems with a server so that you can purchase a product from a website through a payment gateway you have. A secure Socket Layer (SSL) acts to encrypt the barrier that exists between a server and a browser and make the information flow secure and safe. Here you get to learn the major payment systems that are supported by CMSs and integrated.

Payment gateways are always websites that act to simplify financial transactions for e-commerce. So CMSs try to integrate them such that the database of the payment gateway is stored and updated. The data can here onwards be accessed through programming and is seen through the payment gateway website and you cannot realize that it is hosted by a CMS. [image ref = 21]


Use of CMS in place of Admin Panels

Information in payment gateway website requires frequent updating because people add up on a daily basis. This makes the updates become expensive when using website companies to update that information. CMS simplifies this problem by enabling you to update this data by yourself and thus considerately reduces the cost of paying admin panels to update the information.

Some CMS may require technical knowledge on programming for a person to update information unlike admin panels which do not require any programming skills. But this is also minimized because some CMSs are suitable for both skilled and unskilled people in programming, an example is WebDuck Designs.

CMSs that payment gateways can use

All CMS used in payment gateways are on two main groups:

  • Premade Content Management Systems
  • Custom Content Management Systems

The Premade CMSs are the most common, and although it is cheap it comes with a disadvantage. It is use by many developers making it ran poorly in search engines unlike the Custom CMSs. The Custom CMSs are the only ones used by WebDuck Designs and are very advantageous as they rank highly in search engines due to the codes used which are small.

Factors determining the cost of CMSs

The general prices of CMSs range due to a number of factors. It includes:

  • Type chosen. Premade systems are generally cheap than custom systems.
  • Functioning of the website of the payment gateway.
  • Experience of a payment gateway.

Major payment Gateways supported by CMS

Payment gateways are important for electronic commerce to prosper and continuity of the internet as a business market. The major payment gateway companies are supported by CMSs and this has simplified the online financial transactions by merchants. Here are the main payment gateway systems supported by CMSs:

Has a quick payment process with CMSs systems including a mobile application. Has a fraud checking tool making it secured when integrated with a website. It further has affiliate programs for lager online companies.

It is popular as it allows digital downloads and also works fast. They are so simple to integrate with websites for purchasing products. It is a trusted payment gateway for users and works hard to protect the privacy of its clients. The simple integration with websites makes it better for CMSs to integrate them. Many people who have used plug n play, supports and encourages more customers to use it.

This payment gateway is fast growing and is used by many when it comes to card processing and accounts for merchants for e-commerce. It allows use of different currencies as it is able to convert them with great exchange rates. It is very adaptable and one can integrate it with a good number of websites making it good and supported by CMSs.

It has great payment processing features that are fast and efficient. This has enabled integration to other websites to be possible. It is very famous as it has add-on tools such as processing of Cells, accounts from yahoo and many more.

PayPal offers one of the best payments and sending or receiving money via the internet. This may either be through bank transfers, credit card payments or even by electronic mail. Its simplicity has enabled made it to be supported by CMSs. It also has many special features including currency exchange, electronic checks and has security measures in place to avoid frauds.

Using Yahoo merchant solution as a payment gateway provides god ground for making payments online. It provides customer services to its clients educating them on how it works. Credit or debit cards are also allowed with shipping services being provided. With security measure in place, it can easily be integrated with other websites making it suitable with CMSs.

SecurePay has allowed its clients to use credit and debit cards to make payments. It is also easy to integrate it with other websites given that it is supported with CMSs. SecurePay has special features such as processing electronic checks and mobile payments. Being flexible makes it ideal to integrate it using various CMSs offered.

USAePay is very special in that it has wireless product purchases and also has credit payments. It has many e-stores which allow resellers to act as links between the company and other websites. It further has add-ons like Gateway Terminal and Wireless ePay. Integration with other websites is also simple when using USAePay making it to have support by CMSs.

The payment gateway TrustCommerce is a common and well known payment gateway company. Dealings involving credit cards are possible with this gateway. Security is also high with this payment gateway and has been supported by CMS. As a special feature, Trust Commerce has multiple currencies trading, meaning that you can purchase a product using different currencies using the forex exchange.

CyberSource is available in the whole world. This makes it famous and good for internet commerce. It is simple to integrate the payment gateway with other websites making it simple for people across the globe to make payments for any transactions they have. As a special and unique feature it has a multi-channel CyberSource making it suitable with CMSs.

Payflow Pro is a payment gateway that is used by merchants to open accounts for credit card payments. It can also be used to process electronic checks. Using Payflow with PayPal successfully requires comprehensive knowledge on direct credit card transactions. Payflow has an SDK that is different from PayPal API SDK’s that makes the integration process simple.

PayPal provides an SDK for Payflow Pro to help you integrate. Passing request transaction data to the SDK is as simple as submitting name-value pairs that represent the details of the transaction. Payflow Pro replies with a response code that informs the caller of the success or failure of the transaction, plus any supporting details.

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