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Virtue Mart

Virtue Mart

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This is a platform which is made to work well with Joomla. Many customers have liked this platform. The platforms allow your customers to create an account and check out the history of ordering from your online store. Customers can make their orders in many languages as well as currencies. It is a suitable platform for those people who sale a variety of goods in different categories. There are over 2.5 million users of this platform.


Google checkout for virtuemart:

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  • Customer Rating: 4.38 out of 5.00
  • Version Compatibility: 1.5 Native, Joomla 2.5

Google checkout has changed its name to Google Wallet. This is a module which can process your payments in the exact manner like Paypal. The only difference is that there are plenty of savings made on transactions fee and your customers can trust you, the reason for such trust is because customers just trust Google. Once you have bought the software, you can use, it on several websites without any limitations. The other advantages are that you can easily download upgrades and receive client support all within one year.

The following are some prominent features of Google Checkout:

It has a license number GPLV2 this simply means that you can you can use it in a variety of websites freely. There are no extra restrictions ever. The other feature is its version 2.0.0- 2.1.0 which is a great enhancement. This plug-in makes it very easier to work with. Its 2.0 beta easily supports Joomla 1.7 and VM 2.0 with no limits.

Version 1.6 is known to have added a logo of Google Checkout plug-ins which has a role of indicating the Google checkout and the checkout procedure.

Google Checkout 2.5 API can be used by putting in place the 1.5 Update IPN function. It is possible to add a feature of automatic redirection to the system. You can also do an improvement of the checkout items. With this add-on, you can easily fix any issues arising from the coupon codes. There is also an option for users to checkout a button and then select a method of shipping.

Reasons to Use Google Checkout
  • It wonderfully well with VirtueMart. Installation is very easy to do.
  • It actually functions like a default module for Virtuemart. The customers can process their Payments immediately they reach the checkout point.
  • This module is best suited for the users who are looking for low transaction costs and safety when paying.
  • The module/add-on works well for both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.0.
  • The payment notification is made on the spot.

Generally it is a good module for you to use with VirtueMart.

Moneybooker Payment Gateway for Virtuemart:

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This module has a GPL extension which means that it can be used on countless number of domains. The developers have taken their time to develop a high quality payment getaway for the clients. The product is available to all members of Joomla community. The module works in an excellent manner. There is complete harmony between VirtueMart and

There is an archive which contains all files which need to be uploaded and on top of it all, the screen shot guideline comes handy when you are installing this module.

The way this module works in at least very efficient. This can be confirmed by the fact that any order made, gets confirmation only and only if the client has made payments sin their full.

The module is preferred by many people because it can be set up within a few minutes. Its customer support is also free and installation is provided at no extra cost.

Feel free to try out this module which is in a good working relationship with VirtueMart 1.1.9 Stable.

The method of Direct API integration is used is used for this payment gateway. This is a very convenient method of working because the users will not be redirected at all to another website. The only requirement is SSL Certificate for you to enjoy the services.

Paypal Payment Processor (Multicurrency) for Virtuemart:

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Paypal Payment Processor is another module which can use on VirtueMat platform. When you start using this add-on, you be receiving money via Paypal. The module is coded well to receive payments in many currencies.

Why Use It?

The main reason why you should plan to use this module on VirtueMart is that is very easier to configure. You do not need to know any programming language. It comes with a complete guide on installation.

Simple eWAY shared Payment for Virtuemart

[image ref = 47]

NEW VERSION 1.3 is the latest module on the block. When we say new it means that it has some up-to-date technology on it. This is a very sophisticated way of making payments on the VirtueMart ecommerce website. With this module you can easily avoid the idea of storing your customer’s credit card information with the stable SSL on you site. With the shared eWAY payment, you will be able to make payments on that platform and once you are finished with that, you just go back to your website.

PayPoint.Net (SecPay) Virtuemart: Payment Component

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The official distributer and partner of PayPoint.Net is called Media Street Ltd. The company is responsible for making payments online through the use of VirtueMart and Joomla.

The Main Features are:

  • The module is very simple to install. This means you do not have to understand the programming language.
  • The callback page is accessed in an automatic way
  • The Status of your order can be updated automatically
  • The module works well with the Lite Accounts which are hosted by PayPoint Gateway
  • The Add-on comes with a user manual and a guide to be used in the process of trouble shooting
  • There is an option for you to use email and phone support for efficient operations. The support can be instant via telephone or electronic mail. This will cost you 25 Sterling Pound only.
  • New Feature: Version 1.7 is the latest release which has a capacity to do everything. It is a great add-on in that it is very reliable and can be greatly customized as well as anybody can install it quite easily. This add-on can only work for you if you are a Lite Account User.
VM 2 SagePay Payment Plugin

[image ref = 49]

SagePay has a great partner in Media Street Ltd. This partnership has made it possible to have a direct working relationship with the payment provider to offer SagePay customers the best service ever. The customers use the SagePay plug-in link with Virtuemart website straight from SagePay Account.

Interswitch WebPay payment gateway for Virtuemart

[image ref =50]

Interswitch is one of the webPay based gateway for making payments used by Virtuemart. The method of redirecting users is applied here. The redirection is made to the WebPay website. The purpose is to process payments. There are no special requirements for one to use this plug-in.

HSBC Secure E-Payment Service Payment Gateway for Virtuemart

[imagre ref =51]

The HSBC uses this payment gateway on VirtueMart. The method is called API Integration. Information is transmitted by the use of XML method making it possible for the user to stay on the website. That is there is no redirecting you to another website to process your payments. All you need is SSL Certificate to get these services.

Virtuemart Authorize.Net Autoship Recurring Billing Addon

[imagre ref =52]

This is another plug-in which has fine options. Here you can decide to choose the option of a recurring bill in the cart pages. The buyer can decide to authorize a recurring bill. In this same the buyer’s credit card is charged every month a certain amount of money.

Once this arrangement is in place the owner of the e-commerce website is mandated to ship the goods ordered for on a monthly basis. That is how subscription works. This is initial product and the developers have promised to make more improvements so that it becomes more beneficial to the users.

Important things to note:

This Addon can be highly customized to fit all versions of VirtueMart by simply comparing your files with those of Addon and then making the necessary changes.

Always use the latest version of VirtueMart if you want to avoid making the above mentioned changes. That one said and done, the developers will always be providing upgraded versions at no extra cost. The only thing which can trigger a demand for fresh payment is a major upgrade of the Addon.

The Addon developers have promised to keep checking on the developments on VirtueMart and upgrading their Addon to match well.

GoPay payment module for Virtuemart:

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This is a system of online payment which is very secure and discreet. The payments are processed very fast hence it serves the traders and customers well in the world of electronic commerce.

Reasons why use this Module

The major reason why you should consider using this module is that it is used universally as a portfolio other methods of payments such as credit cards and superCASH.

Virtuemart WebMoney payment module:

[image ref = 54]

This is the most suitable payment method to be used for VirtueMart 1.1.2 which allows the making of payments via WebMoney services. This model is highly regarded in East Europe where webMoney takes the lead in the online payment systems. It is instant and extremely secure.

The module has a testing version before embarking on it live. This way, you will have time to learn a few things before doing real business with it. You need to get registered with the webmoney transfer in order to enjoy these services.

Cybermut Payment Module for Virtuemart

[image ref = 55]

This is a secure online payment module from leading banks like: CaixaBank, OBC (Odier Bungener Courvoisier), CIC (Crédit Industriel et Commercial) and Crédit Mutuel. This add-on is meant to be used with VirtueMart.

Sage Payment Solutions - VirtueMart Payment Module

[image ref = 56]

This is a great payment module which is very compatible with Joomla 1.5 and VM 1.1.4. Once the customers have indicated they willingness to buy from your online store, they will be given an option of using Sage Payment. At this point, the customers will be redirected to make their payments.

All the payment data left by your customer is then sent to Sage Payments to make it more secure.

Quickpay Payment Gateway for Virtuemart

[image ref = 57]

This is a Module which supports the use of Danish in their operations. Version 1.2 quickpay virtuemart is the basis of this module. This is a new version which has plenty of new features. All the payments are automatically captured when they are from the state of approved to sent. The transactions can be automatically cancelled while on transition between Approved and Cancelled. There can be a refund immediately after sending the money. There are also other new small additions like general header information which i meant for all source files. The Addition of Google Code to the page where payments are done. There is an addition of the GPL license data plus the capacity to use Danish language in carrying out the transactions. The tool called pHP Beautifier is used to clean up the formatting of the code. Manual installation is needed for this module. The common Joomla installation method does not work for this module.

Liberty Reserve Payment Gateway for Virtuemart

[image ref = 58]

This is the payment gateway from Liberty Reserve meant to be used at VirtueMart. It puts into use a method called NVP for the purpose of transmitting information. The users are redirected once they have confirmed that they want to make a payment. Once they have made such payment, there is an option to return them to the website again. This way you will avoid the extra costs associated with the acquisition of SSL certificate. There are no special requirements in order to use this module.

Paygea Payment Gateway for Virtuemart

[image ref = 59]

The direct Integration method is used on this module. The users make the payments straight from your website. In order to use this module, you need SSL certificate.

SporoPay payment module for VirtueMart

[image ref = 60]

This is a payment system which is used in Slovakia to achieve secure transactions online.

TatraPay payment module for VirtueMart

[image ref = 61]

This is also another Slovak online payments system. The method takes care of small payments in a secure manner in the world of electronic commerce.