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WP e-Commerce - Wordpress

WP e-Commerce

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WP e-Commerce remains the most popular, most robust e-commerce plugin for WordPress and is the ideal way to sell products, downloads or services online.

Whether you are setting up a WordPress store for yourself or are a WordPress developer setting up a store for a client, WP e-Commerce offers the most features and capabilities of any store plugin.

WordPress Integration
  1. Easy to install WordPress plugin
  2. Works with any standards compliant WordPress theme
  3. Plays well with other Plugins
  4. Supports regular WordPress widgets, as well as a few snazzy ones of our own
  5. Utilizes shortcodes and template tags (just like WordPress)
  6. Works out-of-the-box with WordPress MU (make sure you use sub domains with your MU setup)
100% Customizable
  1. A designers dream – use your own HTML & CSS and have complete control over the look and feel of your store
  2. Easy to modify templates
Amazing Support
  1. Lots of video tutorials
  2. Guaranteed speedy response (through our premium forums)
  3. Access to instant support from our community of users
Payment Gateways Integration
  1. Manual Payment (checks/money orders) (included)
  2. PayPal Payments Standard (included)
  3. PayPal Payments Pro (included)
  4. PayPal Express Checkout (included)
  5. Google Checkout (Level 2) (included)
  6. Chronopay (included)
  7. PayPal Payflow Pro (available with Gold Cart)
  8. (available with Gold Cart)
  9. FirstData/LinkPoint (available with Gold Cart)
  10. eWay Payment (available with Gold Cart)
  11. iDEAL (available with Gold Cart)
  12. BluePay (available with Gold Cart)
  13. DPS (available with Gold Cart)
  14. Paystation (available with Gold Cart)
  15. SagePay (available with Gold Cart)
  16. If you still aren’t happy, we provide you with the necessary info to write your payment gateway
  1. Flexible coupon/discount pricing rules
  2. Product specific sales
  3. Quantity discounts
  4. Free shipping options
  5. Multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts.
  6. Search Engine Friendly URLs
  7. New Products widget
  8. Cross-sells on product pages (in 3.8 this is now available as a Plugin)
  9. Google Site Map
  10. Uses the popular “Share This” button for easily promoting your products on popular social networking sites
  11. Integrates with Facebook Marketplace (Facebook Marketplace API has closed – we’re working on it)
  12. Integrates with Google Base
  13. Integrates with Campaign Monitor for advanced email marketing
  14. Integrates with Intense Debate for shared comments
  15. Mail Chimp integration coming soon
Search Engine Optimization
  1. 100% Search Engine Friendly
  2. Meta-information for products and categories
  3. RSS feeds for products and categories
  4. Integrates with Google (XML site maps and Google Merchant Centre)
  5. Integrates with the All in One SEO plugin for WordPress (which includes Google Analytics
Internationalization Support
  1. Multi-lingual (the first Plugin to fully utilize and integrate with GlotPress)
  2. Support for multiple currencies
  3. Ability to target specific countries
  1. Integrates with UPS, USPS, Australia Post and Shipwire for real-time shipping rates
  2. Flexible built-in shipping rate calculators
  3. Domestic and global shipping rates
  4. Flat rate shipping
  5. Table rate shipping
  6. Weight rate shipping
  1. One-Page Checkout or Stepped Checkout, whichever you prefer
  2. SSL security support for orders on both front-end and back-end
  3. Checkout without account/Guest Checkout
  4. Shopping Cart with tax and shipping estimates
  5. Option to create account at beginning of checkout
  6. Fully customizable checkout page
Managing Orders
  1. Admin dashboard for sales overview
  2. Export orders and customers into CSV formats
  3. Order history with labels for order processing status
  4. Email notifications of orders
  5. Print invoices and packing slips
Catalog Management
  1. Single-page product data entry
  2. Ability to duplicate products
  3. Quickly edit your products from the store front (saving you heaps of time)
  4. Smart Groups allow you to organize your products with hierarchical categories, as well as by brand.
  5. Batch import/export of catalog
  6. Google Base integration
  7. Product variation management
  8. Create attributes on the fly
  9. Downloadable/Digital Products
  10. Support for donations
  11. Customer Personalized Products
  12. Media Manager with automatic image resizing
  13. Handles multiple product images with easy drag-and-drop sorting
  14. support for Special Prices
  15. Tax rates per location
  16. Basic inventory control
Catalog Browsing
  1. Live product search – mmm just like (available add on)
  2. Cross-sells
  3. Product listing in list format
  4. Product listing in grid format (available with Gold Cart)
  5. Breadcrumbs
  6. Product Image Zoom-in Capability
  7. Stock Availability
  8. Multiple Images Per Product (activated with Gold Cart)
  9. Product comments
  10. Filter by Product Tags
  11. New Products widget
  12. Features Products widget
  13. Live updating shopping cart (put it wherever you want)
Additional Modules
  1. Gold Cart & Grid Module – adds more options and functionality to your store
  2. Drop Shop – an incredibly snazzy way for buyers to add products to their cart, via a simple drag n drop process.
  3. Mp3 Audio Player – Preview audio clips on your website
  4. NextGen Gallery Buy Now Buttons – turns your NextGen gallery into an ecommerce solution
  5. Product Slider – Display your products in a new and fancy way
  6. Members Only Module – Create pay to view subscription sites
  7. eWAY Payment Gateway :

The eWAY Payment Gateway adds a credit card payment gateway for eWAY in AustraliaDirect Payments API to the wp-e-commerce shopping cart plugin, without requiring the Gold Cart option.

  1. card holder's name can be different to the purchaser's name
  2. basic data validation performed before submitting to eWAY
  3. eWAY transaction ID is displayed on purchases log, for successful payments
  4. drop-in compatible with eWAY payment gateway from the Gold Cart plugin
  1. you need to install wp-e-commerce
  2. you need an SSL certificate for your hosting account
  3. you need an account with eWAY Australia
  4. this plugin uses eWAY's Direct Payments API, and does not support eWAY's hosted payment form
  5. WooCommerce SagePay Direct Payment Gateway:

Sagepay Direct payment gateway for Woocommerce. Once installed, you can configure this through Woocommerce Payment Gateways tab. Enable the payment gateway and apply your unique Vendor Name provided by SagePay. To test first use Simulator mode, then Test mode, once your testing has been completed successfully.

YAK Add-on Module - Google Checkout Payment:

The yak-ext-google-checkout plugin is an add-on module for YAK for WordPress providing support for Google Checkout payments processing.

Add-on Module - Manual Credit Card Payment:

The yak-ext-manualcc plugin is an add-on module for YAK for WordPress providing support for manual credit card payments - in other words, payments which the merchant processes manually through the systems provided by their bank.

PayPal Pro Payment:

The yak-ext-paypal-pro plugin is an add-on module for YAK for WordPress providing support for PayPal Pro.

WP e-Commerce Fat Zebra Gateway:

This plugin provides integration with WooCommerce and the Fat Zebra Payment Gateway, an Australian online payment gateway. It has been tested with WP e-Commerce version 3.8 and above.


This plugin allows you get donations and accept payments from people using WebMoneysystem. WebMoney is the most popular payment system in Europe. You can show donors list and total donations amount in your blog sidebar and pages using [shortcodes].


This plugin allows you to accept donations and payments in your blog using SMS and Phone Call. You simply specify the amount you want to charge, then readers must pay that amount to be able to read the post.

You only have to add the shortcode [paygol][/paygol] before and after the hidden content, this content will only be visible when the user has paid. For example [paygol]This is the hidden content[/paygol]. You can define a different price per content you want to publish.

PayPal Express Checkout:

You can add PayPal Express Checkout possibility to your site in a few steps. Install the plugin, go to the PayPal menu and follow the instructions to setup your payments.