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This is a very easy to use ecommerce platform. You install it with a lot of ease and customize it to fit your taste. It is best suited for those online retailers who want a platform which is not complex to use. This platform has a variety of features including discount coupons, newsletter manager and other useful basic features.

The following add-ons can be used to make your admin work much easier.


2CheckOut Payment Module for zen cart:

This module incorpoates the 2CO products listing on checkout. Customer is sent to the 2CO payment page to checkout. On returning to store, the customer is sent to an auto-redirect page. This page updates the status of the payment, before confirming the order. The module uses the MD5 return to authenticate the payment result.

Direct Bank Deposit module for zen cart:

This is a payment module that allow you customer deposite money to up bank account option. This module basicely it display all you bank information during the checkout. This module had been modify from the AusBank of Oscommerce.

OpenCuro Payment Module:

The OpenCuro payment plugin for Zen Cart adds OpenCuro as a payment module within Zen Cart. This allows merchants using Zen Cart to build their sites with OpenCuro as a payment option.

Google Checkout module for Zen Cart:

This module adds Google Checkout capability to Zen Cart, as an alternate checkout method. The plugin provides Level 2 integration of Google Checkout. Plugin features include:
1. Posting shopping carts to Google Checkout
2. Shipping support (Currently, flat rates, item rates and table rates are supported)
3. Tax support
4. User and order updates within Zen Cart
5. Order processing using Zen Cart Admin UI

PayJunction Payment Gateway:

Protects your Website and Payment Applications from Man-In-The-Middle-Attacks. Their API allows merchants and developers to connect to PayJunction via an encrypted SSL communications link. In order for your website or payment application to verify that your connection to PayJunction has not been intercepted, all code that connects to PayJunction must verify then authenticity of our SSL certificate by performing strict server certificate verification against PayJunction's root certificate authority.

Alertpay Payment Module:

This is similar to the Egold module. Simply upload into the appropriate diretorys and start accepting Alertpay payments.

Cash on Pickup payment option for zen cart:

This module allows you to offer a cash on pickup option for customers who elect the 'walk in' shipping method. 'Cash on pickup' will not be displayed if any other shipping method is selected.

PayLeap Payment Gateway Payment Module:

Included in this package is the required payment module to process transactions on the PayLeap Payment Gateway.

Pay By Phone Payment option for Zen cart:

This is a simple module for those who want to give customers the option to pay for their order over the phone. It also features a virtual products switch, so that it is turned off if downloadable products are ordered. Other features include sort order, order status and zones.

Checkout by Amazon Zen Cart Plug-in:

The updated plug-in supports the following features:

  • Integrated with Instant Order Payment Notifications
    • Dynamic Shipping and Tax Rates calculation using Callbacks.
    • Amazon PayPhrase checkout integration tested
    • Orders placed through Checkout by Amazon can be synched from Amazon through Merchant Feeds and managed within Zen Cart- Amazon order status history
    • Reflects the statuses an order went through on Amazon and corresponding Zen Cart statuses.
    • Has been tested to run with PHP4.4 and above.
    • Checkout with Amazon button on the Shopping Cart page
    • Amazon 1-Click and Express Checkout integration
    • Signed / Unsigned Carts
    • Ability to add custom data required by merchants via custom data modules
Payflow Pro for PayPal:

Module to use PayflowPro with PayPal services

USA ePay Payment Module:

Payment Module for the USA ePay Payment Gateway.

Western Union:
  • This is a simple module for those that want to provide a Western Union payment option. Allows you to configure the following in the admin:
  • - Payee Name
  • - Payee Address
  • - Payee City, State, Zip Code

It also features a virtual products switch, so that its turned off if downloadable products are ordered. Other features include sort order, order status and zones.


Accept credit card payments via your BluePay Merchant Account. Easily intergrates to Zencart payment module.

Paymate payment module:

A fully integrated and fully tested payment module for Paymate (

Simple Bank Deposit Module for zen cart

This is a simple version of Oz_jack's more advance Bank Deposit Module.This one only has 3 things to show the customer:

1. Acc Holders Name
2. Acc Number
3. Acc Bank Name

Store Credits and Rewards Points Module

This module allows store owners to offer store credit to their customers. Credit can be manually set from the Zen Cart admin, or awarded to customers after each purchase by giving a percentage of their order total as store credits.

Credit Card Surcharge Fee feature for Zen Cart

Here is the module for those wishing to charge additional fees for credit card purchases. It adds percentage to your order total. You can set your own percentage.

CyberSource Payment Module

This module allows merchants using the Zen Cart (ZC) application to process store checkout credit card transactions through the CyberSource Payment Gateway.

eWay XML instant payment module

This module is adapted from an archived module by networkdad. It supports the CVN gateway. It now shows error messages properly when the transaction is declined, etc.


This is a simple module for integration with the ARB Module. You can administer length of subscription and everything from the admin panel.