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Advantages of Plug n' Play Payment Gateway

Plug ‘n Play

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This payment gateway has many features that make act as a business process as a whole. The charges for plug ‘n play can be very expensive because of many features it possesses. Its features include:

  • Prevention of fraudulent activities.
  • Electronic mail processing at a quick rate.
  • Allows regular billing.
  • It allows membership in the system. This allows you to manage all your transactions in the payment system. You can also restrict and monitor your transactions in an efficient way.
  • It also allows downloads of digital materials. This also includes regulations set by the client to how much content is to be downloaded.
  • Affiliate membership is also allowed. Here a merchant can manage an affiliate account.
  • There is also a coupon management system. One can issue coupons using Plug ‘n play gateway. This is possible as it can read a discount given to a product using the Plug ‘n Pay.
  • It has the largest shopping cart from all online payment gateways that offer this feature.
  • It provides an advantage of QuickBooks which can be difficult to find with other payment gateways. The system is also automatic.
  • It has various API’s that one can choose from.


Good Environment ForBusiness: With its vast features it provides a good environment to conduct business.
Various Integration Methods: Also the existence of various integration methods, it enables the changing of implementations at any point.


Expensive: The main drawback of this payment gateway is the cost which is very high.