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Integration of CMS with Payment gateways

Integration of CMSs with Payment gateways

Since the modules do not have payment processors by themselves, they are integrated with payment gateways which are important to make payment for products possible. This is done in two ways;

  • Client details and total amount are sent to the page on the payment gateway site.
  • A form processor that communicates with the payment gateway API is created.

The Management of Product applications

Integration can also be easily done with external product management. Here an external product repository is created to import data into Magnolia Data module for storage of products. It uses the custom import handler. The data in the system updates itself automatically.

Payment Gateway Integration
payment gateway integration allows the acceptance of credit cards and e-checks to be done faster, securely and efficiently avoiding fraudulent activities and grow an e-commerce site. Many websites have been integrated successfully been integrated payment gateways making online shopping be a click away. You can get your website to be integrated with a payment gateway of your system. Payment gateways are hosted by great content management systems (CMSs) to make it possible to accept credit cards and e-checks from a website directly.

To buy a product, all you need is to enter your data to the website and then the information is securely transmitted to the necessary financial gateway for processing and funds are transferred to the merchant clients. This is when they are transferred to the business owners bank account. Some payment gateways have a virtual terminal to receive payments through the virtual payment gateway. Others also provide recurring billing for merchants to be billed on a regular basis.

Best hosted CMSs that are also supported by payment gateways

Content management systems attract a lot of attention from websites. There are many hosted CMSs available for clients to choose from. With each hosted CMS having different features, there are several benefits that come with each CMS independently. Some popular hosted CMSs are listed below

[image ref = 38]

LightCMS- are marketed mainly to designers and not the user. There is a lot of in-content than using the admin Dashboard. Distinctive site elements use this CMS. E-commerce has been also added recently to enable clients to shop from the CMS. Charges usually begin from $29 a month for a 10 page site with I user and a GB of storage space.

[image ref = 39]

Squarespace- is hosted and allows free customization in designs. Users are also free to choose any template from what is provided and they can also edit the styles for their site appearance. Clients can also manage the account center Dashboard. Costs are cheaper with a start of $12 a month when billed annually for a 20 page site with 3 GB storage space and a 1 TB bandwidth.

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HiFiit is simple to integrate it to other websites with major payment systems using the HiFi. Its custom field feature enables integration with other sites with a payment gateway simple and a minimum learning curve. The cost is $9 a month for a 10 page site and a 30 day free trial.

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Business Catalyst is very special and unique because it has content management features, supports e-commerce and also has customer management systems put in place. It allows you to set up web applications without coding. Its price is $9 a month for sites with 1 user and a 1 GB storage space including 1 TB bandwidth. This price has limited features but to get additional features such as e-commerce, marketing of mails and CRM including custom web applications, you may part with $39 a month.

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Shopifyit is a hosted e-commerce able system with content management system. It has all important setup functions of an e-commerce site. The price for a user is $29 a month with unlimited bandwidth, storage space of 100 MB, 100 products, and a transaction fee of 2%.