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Major payment gateways according to geographical location

Major payment gateways according to geographical location

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This continent has risen rapidly in terms of technology in the recent decade. Among the major payment gateways in Australia are: SecurePay ,Camtech Corporation, E-Payment, eSec Payment Services, QSI Client Class, e-Way and 2Checkout. In this list of payment gateway providers, 2checkout stands out as a globally renowned provider.

United Kingdom

In Britain, online shopping has overwhelmed the market with a number of payment gateway service providers. Among the key payment gateways in the UK are PayPal Inc, Google Checkout, eWay, Cybersource, RealEx and DIBS payment services among others.

New Zealand

In this region, online marketing is dominated by Buy-Line and Bank of New Zealand. These are the two giant payment gateways that shoppers have found to be reputable and trustworthy.


This North American region has seen the success of online shopping. It has a number of payment gateway service providers flooding the market. This makes it the lone competitor of the United States of America in terms of options. The major payment gateway service providers here include: Beanstream, Beanstream Internet Commerce Inc., CIBC, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce,, Facilitate I.T. Inc., PayWay, Nobil IT Corporation and TeleCharge Canada.

United States of America

America is regarded by many as the mother of internet. Online marketing has thus been a trending business strategy with several major online payment gateway service providers. Among these gateway providers are PayPal Inc,, Google Checkout, PayLeap and 2checkout Inc among the many payment gateways based in the country.

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Factors to consider when looking for an appropriate payment gateway service provider

With a number of optional payment gateways service providers available, one may find it a difficult task to single the most suitable for his or her ecommerce business. Below are some of the criteria to consider when tasked with such a situation. It is important to note that these factors outline the differences amongst the many service providers.

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  1. The cost of setting up a merchant account: This implies the total charges to run the payment processing system. Different payment gateways have a varied pricing scheme depending on the type and number of services.
  2. Geographical coverage: Some payment gateways are more globally accepted as compared to others. This factor determines your chances of success in conquering a larger market.
  3. Security features: Some gateways provide better security measures to protect both the customers’ payment information as well as the business’ financial transactions. A good gateway will provide fraud immunity.
  4. Currencies supported: The more the currencies supported, the higher the number of customers who would use the payment gateway provider’s services.

In conclusion, trading between the many payments gateway service providers is not an easy task. The ultimate decision depends solely on your goals and thus one must understand the various services you expect from a provider. Online shopping has now become the trend for most successful businesses. In partnership with various payment gateways, businesses and customers can now buy and sell conveniently.