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2co-logo .png, Inc founded by Allan Homewood in 2000 in the United States of America is another major payment gateway service provider. Their website is

Services provided:

Shopping Cart Integration:

2Checkout partners with a number of the popular online shopping carts. It also partners with several invoicing systems for simple integration. This involves one checking out his or her online desired items. This service helps in convenient purchasing from online shops. It enables budgeting of funds as well as spending within limits.

Recurring Billing:

An online shop that deals with membership-based products such newsletters, magazines and the likes can benefit if partnered with 2checkout. This is because the company would keep track of the customers’ subscriptions. After every plans expiry, automatic billing would be done. This ensures timely payments and reduces loss of funds.

Custom Check Out Services:

This is where an online shop creates a customer experience platform. This definitely enables your customers to conveniently convert thus more sales in return. With 2checkout, a customized customer experience can be created. This compels more customers to using your shop online. PCI compliance is taken care of through use of such a customized customer experience. You thus need 2checkout for creating a custom page for interacting with your customers effectively.

International Payment:

It is another breathtaking service offered at 2checkout. Customers find it very easy to make international payments through your customized page. This is by use of over 8 payment methods with over 15 international languages available. There are approximately 26 currencies that are available for international payments and all enabled by 2checkout.