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This is another major payment gateway service provider with their official website address being The company started in 1996, at the San Francisco. California-based company has won various awards boasting over 350,000+ merchant accounts. Its success in the industry is based on the customers’ online payments trust.

Services Provided:

Subscription Billing: This is a service where membership websites such as magazine portals, can allow their members to subscribe for selected services. Once one has activated his or her account, will keep track of their accounts’ financial updates. This will assure you timely payments from customers who are billed depending on the duration selected.

Fraud Prevention: Before a customer checks out, will ensure thorough checking of their credit status. To avoid financial losses through the internet, an online shop could partner with to enable ascertained credit card checking. Fraudsters will look for ways to cheat on their credit status so that they can buy online and fail to pay. With, an online shop is cushioned from such incidences.
Credit Card Processing: like many major gateway service providers offers you real time credit card processing. This is where an online shopper must provide his or her credit card credentials which are authenticated by Through this service, one can rest assured of validity of credit cards. The processing involves checking for financial ability of the shopper as well as convenience of payment.

Payment Tokenization: It is always fundamental that an online shopper is assured of confidentiality. will help your online shop system to hide such private information about your customers. In case of a network security breach, your customers’ details will not be exposed since they are stored as a token. A token in this case is a unique identifier to your customers’ details and cannot be reversed in any ways to reveal details.