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Google Checkout

3. Google Checkout

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Their official website address is This company’s services were rolled out on the 28th of June 2006 in the United States of America. Google, being a big brand in the online industry, the success of the gateway portal is based on Google’s reputation and customer trust.

Services Provided:

Fraud Prevention:

Fraudsters are kept at bay by the high security mechanisms put in place by Google Checkout. Excessive security validations are available to guard shopping websites against malicious visitors.

Credit Card Processing:

Google Checkout has advanced credit card processing techniques. Using your Google account, a customer is required to provide his or her credit card or debit card details. These details are authenticated and any transaction involving the credit card is automatically updated by Google Checkout. Online shopping is enabled by Google Checkout through easy payments of dues. The application allows you to send money to the shop’s account and deductions are instantly done from your account.

Subscription Billing:

This is another service that Google has for their Google Checkout customers. With an account, you can subscribe to various plans which Google Checkout can keep billing you for payments. The amount due is deducted automatically once the duration expires.
Email Payment: An email payment is another payment gateway service provided by Google Checkout. Here, a customer is reminded through an email for any unpaid products. This acts like a debt collector which links the online shop to the debtors.