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Leap Pay

6. PayLeap

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Another major payment gateway service provider that can be trusted. Their official website link

Services Provided
Unlike most providers, PayLeap provides a portable platform for customers to pay for their purchased goods remotely. Mobile payment is currently the most convenient way for online shoppers to pay for goods. As a business, partnering with PayLeap would mean easier access to your global customers and faster modes of payment.

Recurring services:

This is a payment gateway which allows membership billing. An online shop that deals with subscription products can link up with PayLeap so that subscribed members can be billed accordingly.

Email Payments:

Accepting email payments has been made easier with PayLeap. This is where customers are reminded to make payments for goods they previously purchased. It is a great advantage to the shop since quick and timely payments are made once one is reminded through an email notification. In general, payments not previously completed are secured and it reduces losses.

Payment Security: PayLeap has information security for their customers that comply with PCI. This is where payment tokenization helps to encrypt personal information about the customers. In case of a network security breach, PayLeap assures you of unrevealed confidential data.
Online Payment: PayLeap allows customers to pay their dues through the internet remotely. Opening an account with PayLeap would enable you to link with your global customers who are provided with a platform for fast, convenient and secure way of payment