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Advantages and Disadvantages of Link Point API

Link Point API

It is a secondary branch of the Link Point International and the brand is major servicing many people. It is the advanced version of conducting e-commerce with its gateway brother being Link Point Connect. Its features are:

Regular Billings Feature: It has the feature of regular billings enabling the payment of bills on recurring transactions.

Fraud Prevention: It also prevents fraud with the Link Shield protection services. This is done through risk rating where a sale will be seen as a suspicious transaction.
Tax Calculator: It also has a tax calculation system. The tax calculator features enables the system to calculate tax in different Regions. This gives an estimate of what will be charged in a transaction.

Shipping Charges Calculation: Another interesting feature is calculation of shipping charges. These are included in the whole amount as one to prevent extra charges.

Electronic Check Processing: Processing of electronic checks is another feature it has. This is also done within a short period of time, usually less than a week.
Costs incurred when using Link Point API are varying. This is due to the inclusion of resellers who are introduced by merchants. There are actually no specific fees charged with this method of payment gateway.


Low Pricing: Exclusion of transaction fees tends to minimize costs. Recurring billing also to reduce cost which attracts more merchants.
Less Transaction Time:Time is also of great importance for this payment gateway. Transactions take less time to be complete. This has been attributed to the changing of the datacenter.


Only One Platform: It has only one platform for processing. It only corresponds to first data a platform which limits it. This makes credit cards with different platforms a challenge to work with Link Point API. This is because you have to use a new API and include them to your shopping cart.
Low Standard Of Fraud Checking: Its fraud checking is actually of low standards. This makes the gateway vulnerable to fraud activities. This payment system is favorable to people who value time and money. Transactions are always cheap and take minimal time to be completed. Advice to people who conduct fast transactions online is that they should consider using this system.

Link Point Connect

Link Point Connect is the little brother of Link Point API and works similarly to API. It works more or less the same as both and VeriSign Pay flow Link when dealing with integration with your website. With its features being the same with API, it has a difference in that it does not have any unique characteristics. These include features like regular billing and protection against fraud. This is a limitation by itself and discourages many merchants from using it.

Its costs are fairly cheaper compared to the API so it has this advantage to lure people with limited economic characters to use it. It provides the ideal place to conduct business for people who want transactions to be carried in a quick and efficient manner. Coming down to benefits and limitations of using this system, they match with those of API.