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The use of PayPal

A lot of people use PayPal as payment gateway when they transact businesses that involve funds online. PayPal is among the best solution you can get when you are using the internet and has been going on for a lengthy time now. Integrating with PayPal has been famous throughout the world and many have come to trust PayPal as an easy and convenient way to do business with. Despite the fact that people use it, it is still hilarious that to know that some people still face a lot of challenges trying to integrate with PayPal and conduct business successfully.

PayPal account integration

Here is how to integrate PayPal with your account:

  • First, the type of account that you have to open to integrate with your website is the PayPal Business Account which is free to open.
  • You then need to set your account to website payments in the selling preferences.
  • After this, ensure that you turn on the Auto return and place the URL of your site where the is.
  • You can proceed now with a simple step of entering your email address and your user ID in PayPal.
  • Turn on the payment data transfer and Instant payment Notification so that when a client purchases anything from the website, you are notified so that you may release the product they are purchasing.

This method has been made such that you cannot use credit cards anywhere. Once this is ready, you can proceed with the administration part where you give your identification details, customer ID and payment data transfer parts. This will enable customers to purchase from your website without any hitches.

Types of PayPal accounts

They are three but a sub account called student account can be created under any of the main.

  1. Personal account

As the name suggests, it is personal and it is used by many as its basic rules are simple. Though there are no fees charged in payments via Instant transfer or electronic checks, it has relatively higher charges when money if paid through credit or debit card. The use of a personal account limits the user with regards to merchant services. So people transacting a lot of money should not use this account.

  1. Premier account

It is suitable for traders who transact a lot of businesses using PayPal payment gateway. This account basically allows the transactions to use credit card payments with lower rates as compared to the personal account. Credit card payments are not limited like in the personal account and merchants are supported fully using this account. The debit card is also available using this type of account.

  1. Business Account

This account is basically similar to the premier account except that it can be used by different users. It is usually used by people who own a business.

Personal Account
Premier Account
Business Account
No transaction fees for payments through eChecks, Instant Transfer, PayPal balance. E-commerce sellers with higher transaction &   volume/ need to accept credit card payments. Suitable for business owner(s).
Higher transaction fees when receiving money from   credit/debit cards. Transaction fees when receiving payments. Transaction fees when receiving payments.


Unlimited credit card payments. Unlimited credit card payments.


Lower fees involved if receive money from credit/debit cards. Lower fees involved if receive money from credit/debit cards.
Limited support to PayPal merchant services. Full support to PayPal merchant services. Full support to PayPal merchant services.


PayPal debit card available. PayPal debit card available.



Supports multi-user access.

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Gateway Types of Paypal

PayPal has various systems through which payments are made. The types of payment gateways of paypal include.

PayPal Payments Pro is a gateway of paypal that is supported by FoxyCart. Other gateways supported by FoxyCart include:

  • Paypal Payflow Pro
  • Paypal Standard,
  • Payment Premier,
  • PayPal business

Using PayPal is one of the easiest and convenient ways of funds transactions online. So, learning the basics on how it works will come in handy when you begin using it.

  • Its main advantage is its price which is cheap and convenient to all users.
  • It also has conversion of currencies feature.
  • It is also fast, for instance payments are made instantly.
  • It is universal.
  • Fraud is a difficult vice to prevent using PayPal.
  • As a result of the price security can easily be compromised.
  • Conclusion