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Advantages and disadvantages of VeriSign

VeriSign Pay flow Pro

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VeriSign is very famous for its security measures as they are of great standards and ha come to be trusted by many people. Its services are very secure, so for people going for security, this is the way to go. Its feature includes:

Regular Billing Feature: It has a regular billing feature which includes the capability of sending custom e-mails automatically.

Fraud Prevention: It prevents fraud activities with filters prevent and stop fraud. There are basic and advanced package that have been put into place to counter fraud.
Costs incurred in conducting transactions using VeriSign Pay flow Pro can be quite expensive due to the security measures that they have.


High Security: The major advantage is high security. Users of this payment gateway take pride in conducting business securely and safe. Since its inception, VeriSign has not had any hacking incident.


Expensive: With high security standards, it is basically normal to know that it is going to be expensive. To be secure with this payment gateway, its clients are paying more.

Additional Charges: It has many additional charges involved. This makes it unsuitable for people trying to avoid charges for transactions.

People who are interested in security should opt for this payment gateway as it provides international security standards which have no equals. It has had no incident of security breaches over the period it has been operational.

VeriSign Pay flow Link

VeriSign Pay flow Link is another VeriSign Pay flow Pro replicate and it has the same reputation with the Pro. Its features and advantages are similar to Pro version except the disadvantage of charges. In the Link system, charges are hidden unlike in the Pro where the checkout process is done in a transparent manner. This makes it difficult for one to identify what will be charged before any transaction. This gateway is also sought after by people who are looking for secure payment systems.